Adrian with a W.

I'm a Product Manager at Vend and previously worked at Serato.

Here's a collection of this, that and everything else I've worked on.

Stuff I do...

  I develop stuff

I've done web development work for Serato, Hilton Hotels, NZ Police, Rally New Zealand and Cure Kids in New Zealand, as well as work for Honda, Jetstar and Toys 'R Us in Australia.


  I design stuff

I started using Photoshop when I was 14 and haven't stopped. I've worked on a heap of brands in the past including Westpac, Holden, Farmers and Air New Zealand.


  I create stuff

I love just creating things, most of the time they're web related. Some times I get ideas so I just start something and see what they turn into...


  I photograph stuff

I love taking photos, but as much fun as Instagram can be, I also like to get out and take some real photos whenever I can. My photos are on Flickr.


  I film stuff

A few friends and I entered the V48HOUR Film Festival, creating a 7 minute short film in one quick weekend. It was damn good fun, and we got third in our heat.


  I mix stuff

I've always had a bit of an obsession with music and have DJ'd on and off for ten years now. It's just a hobby, but I do enjoy blowing the cobwebs off the vinyl occasionally.



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